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Writer Friends!

Part of the reason Heather and I started Little Book Locker is because we have friends with books. Lots of books. Many of our friends, like Brook Gideon and Mary Pierce, have given us many boxes of books that they bought because they love kids' books and have friends who write them, but don't have little kids at home. Other friends, like Nancy Ling and Warren Ross and Lisa Rogers, gave us copies of books they have written.

Recently I got a text from Lynda Mullaly Hunt, author of Fish in a Tree (a NYT bestseller!), One for the Murphy's (won awards and got starred reviews) and most recently, Shouting at the Rain (what a great title, right?). Lynda wanted to donate several copies of each of her books to Little Book Locker.

So she got in touch with a super cool indie bookstore, The Silver Unicorn, bought 12 copies of each of her books, and had the Unicorn set them aside for us.

This was great timing because this summer we donated books to a family practice health clinic in rural Gardener, MA as well as a summer program in Lawrence, MA for school-aged kids. We wanted to share these particular stories with the kids, since they really resonate with kids (which is why they've done so well) but I only had a few copies of Lynda's books that I'd bought myself. Now we have enough to go around and we are thrilled about it.

So thank you to Lynda! And thanks also to Nancy and Lisa and Warren! And to Brook and Mary! You all are making it so much easier for kids to get books and we appreciate you.

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