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Boys and Girls Clubs of Metrowest Summer Reading Program

Last week I packed up about 450 books for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metrowest Summer Reading Program. That's 150 books each for the clubs in Hudson, Marlborough, and Framingham. I pack slowly and attentively because I like to make sure that I'm targeting not only the right age group but a diversity of book genres and styles. Not everyone likes the same kind of book!

Laura at B&G Club of Marlborough said the clubs were looking for books for kids ages 5-14, so that's going to be a heterogenous group of readers. I selected everything from early readers to tween novels. Mixed in were plenty of chapter books, picture books for 4-6 and picture books for 7-11, some really beautiful middle grade novels (many of which I have read and loved, like OF SALT AND SHORE in the first picture). And of course a bunch of graphic novels! Everyone loves those.

Yesterday was the big delivery day. Started in Hudson ...

... then to Marlborough, where Julie carried books with me and told me, "This is why I work out!"

then back to the Loft to get a library cart and another 150 books for Framingham.

The freight elevator at the Landing at Hudson Mill, where we keep the books, is kind of creepy, but I get a good arm workout opening and closing it. Not gonna lie, it's mostly men that use the freight elevator and it makes me feel a little bit badass.

A short 30 minutes later, the books and cart (and a few Pokemon prizes) were all delivered, hopefully to be going home with kids in the next few weeks!

Happy summer!

Oh, but that doesn't mean LBL is going quiet--I just had a great conversation with another non-profit director in Haverhill and we have some great ideas brewing there.

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