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Every child deserves access to books.

We installed 13 Little Book Lockers in 2021 and early 2022.
We have delivered about 3,000 books already, AND ...
... we are delivering nearly 
1,000 books to a read-a-thon in Dorchester later in April.

How it works:

Donate books or money to sponsor a book locker at one of the levels below. We provide books for kids ages 0-14 with special attention to diverse books. For sites where a locker is needed, we will assemble the lockers and donate those as well. We will refill the books as needed!

It's that simple to get books into the hands of children. 

But we need your help!

Donate Books

Become a Locker Lender!

We love new and gently used books. We are especially in need of diverse books like the ones recommended by the Brown Bookshelf. 

If you have books you would like to donate, please email us at kpwixted at gmail dot com and we'll figure out the details. 

Your books will go directly into a locker for children to enjoy!

Thank you! 


Check out our lists on Bookshop. This is an assortment of books we use as our starter book kits in the Little Book Lockers. Buying your own books through our BookShop gives us proceeds to buy more books and supports indie booksellers. We welcome suggestions to our book list, please email us!

Become a Sponsor

Donate through the button below!

There are several tiers of support:

Locker Leader: $15-$99  

Provides 1-10 new books for a locker!

Locker Elite: $100-$250

Provides a set of new books for a locker!

Locker Lover: $275-$500

Provides a locker and all the books for that locker! Your name goes on a silver sponsor nameplate on the Locker.

Locker Legend: $500 +

Provides multiple lockers and book kits! Silver sponsor nameplates on multiple lockers!


Your sponsorship provides books and lockers for children!

We'll contact you to get your preferred name on your nameplate(s) if your donation is $275 or above!

Become an Affiliate

Are you a company or bookstore that would like to support Little Book Lockers by providing discounted materials, books, or donations?

Thank you to our affiliates!

Please support our collaborators by giving them your business.


Your Company's Name Here

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