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Ruth's House

Today I delivered books to Ruth's House, a thrift shop in Haverhill, MA. They will be having a summer reading program for local kids. McKenna, the person I emailed, specifically asked for books in Spanish since a lot of their clients are Spanish-speaking and they only had a handful of books in Spanish.

Having learned a second language later in life, I'm all for any kid who comes to the US with a Spanish-speaking family and doesn't lose that skill. The kids are bound to learn English here, but for their families to be able to read to them (or for them to be able to read to themselves) in their first language is a gift!

Ruth's House provides lots of items to people, including boring but necessary things like socks and underwear. Books are extras for many people. That's why Little Book Locker is important, so people who wouldn't have money or time for books get them anyway.

Let's make sure everyone knows how to read, and everyone who likes reading gets to read books that speak to them and that reflect who they are.

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