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Word on the Street

There's a great new indie bookstore in Marlborough, MA, called WORD ON THE STREET. I met the owner when Sam and I were doing a Miss Rita event there. Her name is Alyson Cox and she's a former children's librarian. She also happens to be a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race as well as Project Runway, so she was excited to host us. And were were excited to meet her and see her lovely shop! She specializes in books for children so we struck up a friendship. I told her about LBL and she offered to host a locker in her store during the holiday season.

Now if you go to Word on the Street to do some shopping, you can buy a book that will go straight to a child in need.

The store is bright and relaxing and a really fun place to take your family, or go alone and read. She does have some young adult and adult books in there, but she saves most of the shelf space for kiddos.

Happy shopping!

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