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Where do we get books?

We use a combination of donated books and books we purchase at (mostly) indie bookstores from our PayPal donations.

Yes, it's a very fun job to periodically go shopping for children's books. It's also a fun job to dig through boxes and bags of donated books.

The purchased books are generally recent titles that reflect diversity or have a story that we think is important, like books about women in STEM, or books that include lobsters with Boston accents. There tend to be lots of books about trees and the ocean as well. Oh, and poetry for children. Cannot get enough of that.

The donated books can be about anything. We do go through them and make sure (if they're published a while ago) that they don't have anything in them that might not be appropriate for the 21st century kiddos. Below are photos of some really beautiful books that came to LBL recently--one set from a local indie, one set from a generous woman who is moving and donated several boxes of books to LBL! (Thank you Chris!!)

Please get in touch through the contact page on our website if you have any books you'd like to donate. We'll make sure to find them good homes.

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