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Two new LBL connections on 2/23/21

Yesterday was a big day for Little Book Locker. Rebecca, one of our volunteers, lives in a LBL-friendly apartment building in Chicago's South Side. We sent her a locker, she put it together, and gave it to her apartment manager, Haniya. Conveniently, Heather happened to be driving through Chicago anyway so she brought several boxes of books, many of which are by and about African Americans. She connected with Rebecca and Haniya, and installed our first actual Little Book Locker!

Back on the East coast, I (Kristen) had been doing the very fun work of putting together boxes of books for the large Hispanic-Latinx population in Chelsea, MA. It's a small city close to Boston that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. The students in the Chelsea High School National Honor Society were looking for books to re-fill three little free libraries they had installed before the pandemic. So yesterday I delivered 4 boxes of books to Branden, our contact. The books were mostly by and about Latinx subjects and people, and a good portion of them were at least partially in Spanish.

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