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  • Kristen Wixted

Secret Book Drop-offs

The surge of Covid cases has affected LBL's ability to get into some of the places were we would be delivering books. BUT we still have some of the Horn Book Award donations to deliver, so we have been sneaky, doing stealth book dropoffs in places where people don't suspect it. (Also in places where we don't 100% have permission to leave books because the owners themselves are stealthy but hey, better to beg forgiveness than ask permission, right?) What are these places? These places are LAUNDROMATS and there are lots of bored children that have to go to them. I'm hoping that while the parents do their laundry and look at their phones, the kids will discover the books we've left around and either read them or look at the pictures or, best case scenario, get their parents to read to them.

We are not sure this will work. It's possible people will write in the books, or throw them on the floor, or ignore them entirely. It is also possible that children will love them, so we're giving it a try.

Thank you to Sarah Brannen, author and illustrator of a sweet book called BEAR NEEDS HELP (pictured on the table) for donating several copies of her books to LBL!

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