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  • Heather Kelly

Over 500 Books Donated!

Book with Little Book Locker bookplate
Little Book Locker Bookplate

We've hit our first goal: 500 BOOKS DONATED!

On these cold last days of 2020 our hearts are warmed by the huge donations of books we've received. In a short few weeks, we've gathered well over 500 books!

We've also gotten some leads on places to establish book baskets and book lockers, so keep checking back for updates--we can't wait to get these books into the hands of children!

Thank you to all who have given books already, especially some of our biggest book donators: Lisa Rogers, Brook Gideon, Mary Pierce, Nancy Tupper Ling, Susan Novich, and Warren Ross.

Help us hit our next goal: 1,000 books donated!

Have new or gently used books to donate? Email or

Thank you all so much! -- Heather Kelly, Kristen Wixted, and Jodie Apeseche

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