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  • Kristen Wixted

New LBL in Framingham, MA

We hadn't found any LBL homes in Framingham ... till recently. Through a series of introductions, Heather and I were introduced to Courtney at Bethany Hill Place. Courtney is the Program Director there and loves her job working with residents. She is a bright light of energy!

Bethany Hill has a little nook with a Little Free Library full of books for grownups, and they were happy to have a Little Book Locker full of kids' books to put next to it! We were able to give them a couple boxes of books for when they run low too.

Once a week after school, a reading group gathers at Bethany Hill to read together or talk about books. The room where the reading program takes place is cozy and full of soft places to sit and cuddle with a book. They have a small library there too. Then down the hall, near the elevator, is their new LBL full of books for kids to keep.

Three cheers for raising readers!

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