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LBL on Worcester TV!

Heather and I (Kristen) were lucky enough to be interviewed about Little Book Locker by Ana Bottary who works for Spectrum News 1 in Worcester. Ana put up with our nerves, as in: "Wait, can I try again?" and "Oh that didn't make any sense at all," and "Umm ... what was I gonna say?" She let us chat with her for a while and get warmed up. When she started filming and Heather was talking, I'll be honest, all I was thinking about was When this is over I'm going to treat myself to a soy hot chocolate.

Anyway, Ana managed to get a good story out of us! She is a genius.

Here is the link to watch the 2 minute clip.

Here is a photo of us afterward, with Ana (who looks like Christina Applegate, right? I know!)

And another of us standing in front of the newscar. Which is a word I just made up.

And here is where I got my soy hot chocolate.

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