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LBL Makes the News!

Watch out mainstream media, Little Book Locker is coming! We were in the Community Advocate. *Kristen bows* It's a local newspaper focusing on the towns fondly known as "The Boroughs" (Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough, and Westborough) and Shrewsbury. Evidently when people were naming Shrewsbury they didn't the message about how it was supposed to be Shrewsborough. Anyway, Kristen happens to know a roving reporter named Liz Nolan and here is the link to her excellent article.

Right after the article published a YouTube show reached out so we'll be on that, and pretty soon you're going to be like, "I knew them when." Or maybe "I was one of their first eight subscribers." Which, if you got this in your email, you are.

Soon I'll have another post about yet another BIG donation, and shortly after, more news about LBL getting OFFICE SPACE! That will be nice because though my family doesn't mind having a house full of books, it will be cool to actually be able to see the couch again. Maybe even sit on it.

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