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"I have some books for you."

This was the wording in an email from Shoshana, a friend of a friend who wanted to make a book donation. I thought, Great! I can use a few more books.

Wow, did she have some books!

Shoshana was one of the judges for the 2021 Boston Globe-Horn Book awards. These awards are a big deal in publishing, given in three categories: Picture Book, Fiction and Poetry, and Non-fiction. Everyone wants to win these awards, so the judges get books shipped to them from big 5 publishers and little presses and indie publishers. Every book eligible, which means published during a certain period of time.

That is a lot of books. That is an attic full books. Shoshana gave us at least 1,200 books on Tuesday, July 13.

It took Heather and me a while to help pack them up and carry them down three flights of stairs (so getting our workouts while simultaneously getting awesome new books!) and we were tired.

We did manage to take a few pictures.

Thanks so much to Shoshana! And thanks to our friend Sandy, who mentioned to her that Little Book Locker would make sure these books get to kids who will love them.

Now I have to stop blogging and start emailing contacts to see who needs books!

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1 Comment

Heather Kelly
Heather Kelly
Sep 24, 2021

Plus it was Heather's birthday! It was the best birthday gift ever!

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