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  • Kristen Wixted

Boys & Girls Club Donation

Remember when Kone donated 1000 books to LBL? And money for more books and more lockers?

It took us a while to get them all out of the boxes to look through them and organize them into age groups. But it’s done!

Another donation: Wellesley Free Library donated some books and also some rolling library carts! So while we were organizing books, we got to play librarian. Yes it was fun and it was also helpful. We shelved all the board books together, all the chapter books together, all the Golden Books … you get the idea. And we can roll the shelves (carts) around if we need to, which is very handy when you are collecting books to put in boxes to give away.

Last Friday morning, we donated about 200 of those books and one of the library carts to the Boys and Girls Club of Marlborough summer reading program. They had some books for the kids, but now they have LOTS of books, and one of our cool library carts to keep them on.

Of course the kids can bring any books home if they want, and that makes us happy.

That is what we do.

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