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Birthday Book Deliveries

Heather and I (Kristen) spent Wednesday delivering books to LBL sites.

We re-stocked the Little Book Locker of the preschool in Revere, which seemed to be good timing, since they were getting low.

This preschool keeps their locker right inside the door so it's the first thing you see when you come in. They have kids from babies up to five-year-olds, so we brought a wide selection of books. I love this one, Besos For Baby, which I got from First Book a while ago when they were featuring books in Spanish and English.

We still have SO MANY BOOKS to donate though, from our generous Horn Book judges. I said to Heather, "Wanna go fill up some little free libraries?"

So we did that.

Revere has an awesome LFL right in the center of the downtown, and it's in great shape. Most of the books in it were for adults so we added LOTS of picture books and chapter books and board books and middle grade books. And now it is beautiful!

After this one we filled another Little Free Library in Chelsea--one of the ones Branden had filled when we gave him books back in late winter 2021. Now we have to go back and fill the other two, because it was almost empty.

We did this on Wednesday, which was my birthday, which means 1 year since we set up this website for LBL! In that year, we've donated over 3,000 books to places who can get the books to vulnerable kids. I've written about all the sites, and we're working on a few more right now. Who knows how many books we'll get out to kids in the next year??

Aside: It was a bucket list checkoff day for me--I wore plaid pants with a print shirt. What a crazy-push-the-envelope bucket list Kristen must have, you're thinking. I know, right?

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