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Another GIANT Book Donation!

Last week we got another entire carload of books (and it's a pretty big car) from the other Boston Glob Horn Book award judge who lives in this area--Nicholl. She is a busy college lecturer and PhD candidate at BC who took time out of her morning to help me (Kristen) and my daughter Rebecca carry SO MANY BOXES OF BOOKS down stairs and out to the street.

Thank you Nicholl!!

After carrying books, we had a conversation with her about her passion for Jaqueline Woodson's books and how they could be used to update school English curriculums around the country--because she's writing her dissertation about that. I told her my favorite JW character is Locomotion. We also talked about Red at the Bone which I read last winter (and I was so glad I did so I could understand this conversation).

It was a great morning. (Thank you for the connection, Shoshanna!)

These books are going to go to replenish some of our initial sites, like doctors' offices in Gardener and Dorchester, and preschools in Lawrence and Revere, but they will also go to new sites. We're doing a delivery this week to Haverhill, MA to a family shelter (because the shelters are open again now that we have a Covid vaccine). And we are working on another shelter and another doctors' office. Oh, and there's a school that we have to get back to, because when someone reached out to us on their behalf we didn't have enough books to supply a whole school. Now we do!

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