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995 Books +$1,000 Donated TO LBL!

We are so happy at LBL HQ because this time we were on the receiving end of enormous generosity! Kone, a Finnish company that makes and fixes elevators and is located in Canton, MA was looking to do a book drive. Someone happened to be at Main Street Pastries in Northborough, MA and saw the Little Book Locker there. Lauren, who works at Kone, checked out our website and saw that we accept donated children's books.

Lauren and Melissa, who delivered the books, said their original goal was 150 books. When the awesome Kone employees brought in boxes after boxes of books, Lauren and Melissa upped the ante. They made it all the way to 995 books!!

Here are Melissa and Lauren in front of LBL HQ. (No, not the whole building. We just have one tiny office.) As well as the giant book donation, the management at Kone also donated $1000 to buy even more books for kids!

Who knew that people who fix and maintain elevators and are such a dedicated bunch of advocates for getting books into the hands of children? I bet not very many of our readers knew that. They also specialize in escalators and moving walkways. (Right now I'm picturing their office as a super fun place to visit.) I've never even met an elevator-repair person, but the next time I see one, especially if their jacket says Kone, I will definitely say thank you!!

I will keep posting updates on what exactly we do with this wonderful donation. Once again, THANK YOU TEAM KONE!!!

One more Yay! for the stickers we put on the lockers with our website on them. (Totally Heather's idea.)

Below is actual footage of Heather right now:

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