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Update on Lawrence YMCA

Last week I (Kristen) checked in with our LBL at the Lawrence YMCA. They were a little low on books. Mary Ellen, the woman who runs the daycare there, said, "Well, we do let them take the books home, and if the book doesn't come back, that's a good thing. The book is in the child's home."

Which is exactly the idea we have at Little Book Locker!

Get the books into places where kids can

borrow them and, if they love them, keep them! And if they aren't enraptured by the book, bring it back and maybe someone else will love it.

This photo is of two little friends and their mom (who is a teacher at the daycare). These girls wanted to sit and look at all the new books I brought all day. I wanted to sit with them and read with them.

Unfortunately life got in the way and we all had to go back to doing other things.

But we had a great time with the piles of books! Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day for me to deliver the books.

One note to my son Peter: Those are your Elephant and Piggie books. We had so much fun reading them when you were little, especially that one on top (and someday I still hope we get to go to a fancy pool costume party). For now, I hope other kids and parents or siblings or teachers get to read the books together and laugh.

Soon we'll be delivering another pile of books to the older kids at the Lawrence Y, because they have a summer program for school-aged kids. So we can deliver some of the awesome middle grade and graphic novels we've collected. Woot Woot!

More soon!

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