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Kaliisha's Review Of Mr. Thatcher's House

Mr. Thatcher’s House

Written and Illustrated by: Kristin Wauson

Published by: Sleeping Bear Press

You can pre-order this beautiful book at your favorite bookstore!

Release Date: August 15, 2022

Review: What makes a home? That is exactly what this beautifully illustrated picture book answers for you. This book is humorous, fulfilling, and welcoming. Mr. Thatcher is a hard working rabbit who works day and night to build the house that is just right for him. Throughout the process, familiar storybook characters like the three little pigs and the witch from Hansel & Gretel have lost their homes and seek refuge in Mr. Thatcher’s. The house is incomplete. Mr. Thacher is not satisfied with the space, but his kind heart shows as he begrudgingly allows his neighbors to stay. Families will find a place in Mr. Thatcher’s home. This immersive tale with its joyous accompanying images truly shows how the people that bring their uniqueness into one space can transform it into a home.

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