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  • Heather Kelly

A Thousand Books Donated!

There is nothing like the feeling of giving away a thousand books to children!

In Fields Corner, Dorchester, on World Book Day, we did just that. We were able to ask them what they like, then FIND THOSE BOOKS, and put them into their hands.

At the event, there was music, there were readings, there was free ice cream! Keyla Kelly and Fields Corner Crossroads Collaborative sponsored and brought this whole event together, and Little Book Locker got to hand deliver 1,000 books. Mostly we put books in lockers then go away, and only once in a while do we get photos of excited kids choosing which one they want to take home. How amazing it was to see the kids' shining faces in person that day, and we had enough to let them take multiple books home. To start their own libraries. To have their own favorite bookshelf.

Thanks to Lisa Stringfellow (author of A Comb of Wishes) and Michael McAfee as well, for their helping hands at the Little Book Locker table on World Book Day.

If you want to be involved, please let us know.

We’re looking for people to help with …

-finding LBL locations,

-assembling lockers,

-helping transport books to lockers


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